Tunes, Grooves, Lyrics, History ..

Ever felt cheated by a new band ? each and every song has been crafted to leave a mark to be remembered , owned it and share it .. We are not disposable.

Recorded in the desert but, written from 2 sides of an Ocean , this year long dream built from sand , magnetic tape , valves , wood, sweat, anguish with a passion for each song ……

This album has purpose .. This album has desire .. This album has a need to be studied and then it becomes part of you .. we will become you.

Together HILLS will force the issue the issue being melody and statement the statement being the issue ..

It’s a trip from 60 to 70 to 80 to 90 musical miles per hour !

Turn the lights off ..  Crank the volume ..  Share us with a friend

Don’t say a word ..  We do the talking  this is ..  HILLS